Grocery Stores

There are several convenience stores around Keystone - the closet is just out the front door, across the parking lot, and through the breezeway on your right before you walk into the village.  The closest full-size grocery store is in Silverthorn, about 10 minutes down the highway.  See below for directions to Silverthorn.  The name of the store is City Market and it is on your right as you drive towards I-70 from Keystone (before you get to I-70).

Sporting Goods and Rentals

There are many sporting goods stores, including rentals, right in River Run.  There are also several in Keystone in strip malls along the highway.  Again in Silverthorn there are many more, including a large Sporting Goods store.  As you might expect, the further you get from the slopes the cheaper things tend to get.  Check in late spring for some great specials!

General Shopping

You'll see many small stores in River Run and elsewhere around Keystone.  There is also a lot of shopping in Keystone village.  For the big chains head into Dillon and Silverthorne.  As you drive from Keystone down the highway you will pass Beds Bath and Beyond, Borders, and further down (past I-70) a Target and many other stores.

Outlet Mall

The Dillon outlet mall surrounds the intersection of I-70 and Hwy 6 on three of the 4 corners - there are at least a couple dozen different stores scattered around.


The stores in River Run you can just wander around and find.  To get to areas farther out:

  • Turn right out of the Expedition Station garage
  • Take your first right at the stop sign onto East Keystone Rd
  • Take a right at the first stop sign, following the sign to I-70
  • Take a left at the stop sign, following the sign to I-70
  • Follow the road around onto Highway 6 north
  • As you drive along you will see many restaurants, stores, liquor stores, and rental locations, on either side
  • After a mile or so you will pass Keystone Village on your left, another base area with restaurants and stores (you park on the right side of the road and walk under the tunnel to get there)
  • You will pass by Lake Dillon Dr, where you could turn left to go into downtown Dillon
  • You will also pass Dillon Dam Rd, where you could turn left to go to Frisco (or you could take I-70 West to Frisco)
  • As you get closer to the interstate you will find the grocery store, cinema, lots of fast food, other good restaurants, and many other stores